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Company Introduction

Find Quality Wireless Mirroring Device at Affordable Price Here!

RNware Co. Ltd. is a praiseworthy Wireless Mirroring Device manufacturer situated in South Korea. We were set up this great business in the year 2010, based completely on using advanced Wireless technology. We are manufacturing at present a wide range of advanced wireless mirroring devices in different variations.

Our Technology Products:

We are a smart business enterprise manufacturing a wide range of video and wireless communication products to fulfill embedded based services. We have also introduced our quality wireless devices satisfying; the touch-sensor video transmission technology. We have major products designed in latest modern technology such as Anysync Wireless Connection for TV, Anysync Wireless Mirroring Device, Anysync Wireless Video Transmission, Anysync Beam Projector Connector for Laptops, Anysync Smartphone Connector To TV, and HDMI wireless transmission equipment, etc. We have also initiated ANYSYNC series with four products. Till now, we have owned three trademarks and six patents are undergoing.

Research and Development:

RNware is highly privileged to invest in research and development since we entered in this business as one of our nine recipients holds up from R&D individual zone project under Ministry of Knowledge Economy for encouraging the worldwide corporation in Daegu, Kyungpook area. We have been very aggressive in dealing our R&D and marketing strategies and thus we have been capable of increasing our development as much as twofold yearly as a manufacturer of Wireless Mirroring Device. RNware is committed to making reliable and steady attempts to research and development and our personnel investment for becoming a leading edge in technological development.

Our Quality Certification:

RNware has attained various quality certificates for designing and manufacturing quality Wireless Mirroring Device. We have become an integrated company that is following the international standards and awarded such quality certifications against our services. We had attained Certification of Corporate In-House R&D Center in 2011. Then, we were honored to have INNO-BIZ Certification in 2013. Finally, we were rewarded with the Certification of ISO 9001 in 2014. Due to our tireless work, we are also being selected as the beneficiary of the project in the field of smart IT in July 2012. We have always carried out the latest technology development and had been serving to fulfill our efforts for Daegyeong Regional Development Committee as well.

Advanced Wireless Devices:

RNware Co. has been devoted to providing the latest and advanced wireless mirroring devices to the customers. Our screen mirroring features will serve our customers in various ways like beam photos, videos, and presentations effectively at the big screen. Even, this technology will provide the best services for sharing and playing the video games onto the big screens and make you and your children. The wireless devices can be able to connect directly to any type of HDTV and can support to any newer models TV systems.